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Do you want to access or search the electoral roll for free? Maybe you need to find a persons home address or check who lived at a particular house at a certain date? Well there are two ways you can search the electoral roll for free (detailed below) but you might be surprised that a paid for search only costs a few pence!.

The Quickest  way to search or view the edited version of the roll is to use 192’s excellent search system (see the search box top right or banner below) they offer a mix of totally free results as well as more detailed or targeted paid results (costing just a  few pence only)

You can  do a national search or limit to a defined area such as London or a radius from London. As well as searching by name you can also narrow down by age range, occupation or even by the name of other people who you know are at the same address like a wife , husband, boyfriend or girlfriend. Best of luck with your search

The other way you can access the electoral roll for free is to go to your local council offices. You will need to make an appointment first and you will be supervised by a council official at all times. You will be able to view the full version of the electoral roll but will not be able to  make a copy of any part of it.


electoral roll is compiled for each electoral polling district and has 2 formats. The full version of the electoral roll is made available for a supervised inspection by anybody, by legal right for free this is the only way to view or search the electoral roll for free.

It is this version of electoral roll that is used for voting and its supply and use is limited by the law. Copies of the full electoral roll are available to certain groups and individuals, such as credit reference agencies.

An edited version of the electoral roll, which does not have those people who have chosen to 'opt-out', can be seen and searched by anyone for any purpose. This roll is easily searchable using online  facilities as seen on website.

A search of the electoral roll using 192 is FREE to try and if you want to view the full address / occupant details then it only costs a few pence each.

Search Electoral Roll  FREE to try!

Searching the Electoral Roll

Electoral roll searches are so easy, you need a first name and surname, if you know the persons middle name or have a vague idea as to where they may be located, perhaps a radius of 16 miles from Corby this can help to minimise the number of search results and let you to find the person you are seeking faster.

Go to " Search free " or click on the 192 banner To start your Electoral Roll search today.